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Celebrity Secret “Never look your age again” – Ashley Cahill Cosmetics

Celebrity Secret “Never look your age again”

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Skin types

  • Celebrity Secret anti-aging serum is suitable for all skin types requiring a quantum leap in the effort to control the effects of aging.



  • Can provide unique protection against free radical induced skin damage
  • Can be applied topically to control underlying caused of aging
  • Gently pat a small amount of PBN around eyes and/or on lips. Best if used at night, while skin is resting and repairing
  • Used as directed this products will last in excess of 6 months

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Never look your age again with one night application of Celebrity Secret. This break-through in anti-aging skin care dramatically lifts and tightens the skin, especially around the eye area and crows feet for a younger, healthy look and feel. The product will trap free radicals and start to regenerate the skin cells. This isnot a cheap instant lift that lasts for just a couple of hours. Scientists refer to this product as a breakthrough in anti aging therapy with the potential to significantly slow down the aging process.

Celebrity Secret uses blocking agents for inflammation caused by UV exposure. These compounds may prevent collagen and elastin degeneration, and thus premature aging of the skin. It is noted that Spin Trap therapy is capable of stopping free radical damage before it begins. Thanks to spin trap, we are now making quantum leaps in the effort to control the effects of aging.

This serum contains crystals, which is why it is so expensive. Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons have actively sought out Celebrity Secret to offer to thier own client base. Possible, this is one of the greatest anti-aging products our civilization has delivered in the 21stcentury.

This is the original spin trap with liquid crystallization technologies; acclaimed as the most expensive cosmetic in the world! Some people in Hollywood pay more than $1000 a bottle and usually, Dermatologists sell this formula for $350 per 18mls.

Just one application changes the tone of the skin.


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