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Fresh Hands Hand Balm – Ashley Cahill Cosmetics

Fresh Hands Hand Balm

£60.00 £40.00


  • Helps improve the contour and curves of the hand
  • Uses safe and natural ingredients
  • Helps increase hand volume


Gently apply lotion to the hands and allow to dry. Use daily, morning and evening

If used as directed this product will last approx 6-8 months

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Hand balm for youthful skin.

Your hands are always in use and cannot always be concealed. Thin, dry hands can reveal or exaggerate your age, so it’s important to treat your hands for a younger appearance.

As you get older, your hands may appear thinner, more wrinkled and dry. This is because the body slowly loses its ability to regenerate fat cells and hold moisture, which would usually maintain a plumper volume and shape. Gain the upper hand with Ashley Cahill ‘Fresh Hands’ Lotion. Natural and powerful actives help compensate for the loss of fat content, and revive the healthy appearance of your hands, thanks to their adipose (fat cell) stimulating properties, which positivity influence your skin’s genetic proclivity to generate fat cells.

Designed for topical application to the hands and optimized for comfort, this incredible formula delivers astonishing actives in a moisturizing and skin nourishing lotion.


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