Gold Face and Body Massage Honey


Apply direct to face and or body on dry skin using gentle, sweeping motions towards the heart. 


A tantalising gold shimmering, innovative body treatment designed for quality, long lasting massage. With its smooth texture the mixture glides easily over the skin transforming from a thick honey like blend, to a smooth oily gel and finally into an easy to rinse milk. Rich in Caviar extract this body massage honey releases its numerous benefits and leaves the skin silky soft. 

This delightful product can be used as either a moisturiser and left on the skin or you can rinse with luke warm water transforming it to a milk texture to leave the skin smooth and smelling devine!!! 

Caviar extract is rich in vitamins A,D,B and trace elements of amino acids. These ingredients intensify the processes inside the skin cells whilst aiding in the slowing down of the ageing process. Caviar is a key ingredient to skin cell regeneration.

This treatment is ideal on its own or can be used in conjunction with the Gold Facial Scrub to moisturise the skin after exfoliation.


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