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SKIN CARE AND ANTI-AGING – Ashley Cahill Cosmetics

We all know that in today’s day and age, keeping healthy glowing skin is as much of a challenge as is trying to eat well when the supermarket shelves are full of processed rubbish. We want to look after our bodies but sometimes we don’t know what to choose. When we spya fabulous looking ready made meal that says it offers us our one of five per day, we might be encouraged to just pick it up and trot away. But sadly often it doesn’t have half of what it should contain for a naturally healthy meal.

The same can be said for skin care products. Unfortunately not all products are created equally. And the sad truth is that sometimes we can be paying a fortune for products that really don’t do what they say on the label. But how does one know.

Ashley Cahill Skin Care Products

Ashley Cahill products are so successful because they actually do what they say on the labels. And we know this is true because Hollywood can’t get enough of them. Thousands of clients worldwide buy Ashley Cahill as part of their regular skin care regime and to help with anti-aging. Why? Because we have spent time listening to what our clients need in order to get the products just right.

So what exactly is the benefit of using an anti-ageing product Celebrity Secret – Never Look Your Age Again or a skincare product like Ashley Cahill Firm/Fight Moisturiser. The truth is that as we get older facial skin doesn’t rejuvenate as quickly as it did in our youth. Sun damage, smiling, eating and lifestyle habits all contribute to the long-term damage of our facial skin. We simply don’t shed and renew skin as easily. But the right cleansing routine can make all the difference. You might think, hey I have heard all this before, but are you actually doing it.

In our early twenties it is easy to ignore the facts because our skin is supple and taut. In our thirties the first signs of aging really start to show, as fine lines appear around our eyes (very delicate skin area), our lips and so on. And then in our forties we start to see the appearance of jowls and even bags under our eyes. So what we do in our earliest years is actually going to contribute significantly later on.

And the great news is it is never too late to get into using Ashley Cahill products. The sooner you start the better, but the results can be almost immediate. These productstighten and smooth your skin as it increases collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Sound too complex for you? Think about it like a balloon being gently inflated. If you imagine your breath is like collagen going into your skin, with each breath the lifeless balloon becomes more inflated. Your skin effectively plumps up from the gentle formula that is helping replenish aging skin.

Anti Aging Products

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By using the product Firm/Fight Moisturise, whichcontains DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), the tissue is firmed up, and the cell’s life is increased. Because that is what DMAE does. It is an amazing nutrient that extends the life of a cell. It’s thought to actually stimulate your own body’s natural collagen production. The results are less sagging and less flattening. The Celebrity Secret product is a little different in that it helps to stop Free Radical Damage before it gets going. And this is exactly what we want to do. Lift and tighten our skin and regenerate our cells. Again with this type of product, collagen is replenished and premature aging is thwarted.

In essence by using these daily products you are reducing the effects of aging and giving yourself a natural beauty boost. If we can’t avoid getting older, we can certainly at least put the right skin care practices into place to give ourselves a fighting chance. And while we are at it, perhaps it’s time to stop visiting those supermarket shelves and instead only go to organic fresh food markets. We are what we eat too, after all.